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Course Description

Explore the Heritage trail, the Upper Midwest’s most scenic all-season trail. Follow the 26-mile route of a once bustling railroad into a 450 foot deep valley past old mining and mill towns while discovering the rugged beauty that welcomes thousands of bicyclists and hikers each year. The mountain trail in prairie country is set in the deep, rugged woodlands with a gently sloping grade making travel easy and enjoyable. View the numerous river outlooks, sheer limestone bluffs, interpretive sites, railroad artifacts, and fossil collecting along this beautiful, crushed-limestone trail.



June 22rd
Race Date
81°/61° Average Temp.
compact crushed
955 ft Start Elevation
612 ft Finish Elevation
180 ft Elevation Gain

Relay Transition Areas

LEG #1

Start Location: RACE START - Dyersville
Finish Location: Farley
Distance: 6.6 Miles
Start Location: Transition #1 - Farley
Finish Location: Epworth
Distance: 4.4 Miles
Start Location: Transition #2 - Epworth
Finish Location: Graf
Distance: 3.6 Miles
Start Location: Transition #3 - Graf
Finish Location: Budd Rd.
Distance: 4.5 Miles
Start Location: Transition #4 - Budd Rd.
Finish Location: Durango
Distance: 3.4 Miles
Start Location: Transition #5 - Durango
Finish Location: Dubuque
Distance: 3.7 Miles

LEG #2

LEG #3

LEG #4

LEG #5

LEG #6

Step by Step Directions to Transition Areas >
Relay Teams can consist of 2 – 12 members in male, female, and co-ed categories. Teams can split up the amount of legs each person runs depending on the number of racers on their team. Relay teams can also have multiple runners run the same leg. Transitions CAN ONLY take place at the designated Transition Areas.
The only item team members will need to transfer at the Transition Areas is their race belt with race bib, which is also the timing chip. Please do your best to communicate your bib # to entire relay team prior to the start of the race.

Team Information

Racer Transition

Relay Transition Area Setup
Parking is EXTREMELY LIMITED at each transition. Carpooling is strongly encouraged to limit the number of vehicles on the trail and allow for efficient transitions.

Transition Area Parking

Race Support

Hydration & Fuel

Water, sports drinks and a variety of fueling options will be available at all Relay Transition Areas (5 Total). These are listed on the Course Map.

Water is not available at every mile; however, coolers of water bottles will be located at all of the non-transition area crossroads and support staff will be driving carts on the trail with plenty of hydration supplies throughout the course.
Port-a-Potties will be positioned at the Start and Finish, as well as every Relay Transition Area (5 Total). At Transition Areas, there will designation for Relay Participants and for Individual Marathoners. Relay participants should avoid using port-a-potties designated for marathoners to avoid a marathoner having to wait to use the restroom.
Medical Staff will be positioned at all Transitions and at the Finish Area. In addition, medical staff will be traveling in vehicles along the route to aid in any medical emergencies and basic first aid.
There are multiple road crossings along the trail and there will be volunteer staff positioned at each to ensure safe crossing. Access to the trail for the general public will not be restricted on race day. Please be aware and respectful to all pedestrians on the trail.


Medical Aid

Road Crossings & Public Access

Course Records

Marathon Records

MALE MARATHONER Justin Gillette 2:44:43 6:17 2014
FEMALE MARATHONER Teylar Adelsberger 3:03:06 6:59 2017
TEAM RELAY Whalen Brothers 2:24:38 5:31 2017

Relay Records

1 Start to Farley 6.6 0:34:26 5:13 Whalen Brothers 2015
2 Farley to Epworth 4.4 0:23:57 5:26 Whalen Brothers 2017
3 Epworth to Graf 3.6 0:19:35 5:26 Dreamy Dream Team 2016
4 Graf to Budd Rd. 4.5 0:21:54 4:51 Dreamy Dream Team 2017
5 Budd Rd. to Durango 3.4 0:19:01 5:35 We Tri 2013
6 Durango to Finish 3.7 0:20:20 5:29 Whalen Brothers 2017

Past Results

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Course Time Limit

The cut off points are at Budd Rd (Transition 4) - 6 hours, Durango (Transition 5) – 7 hours and Cut off time to the finish is 8 hours. Timing chips will be pulled if these times are not met.